Follow-Up on Windows 10

Windows 10
A few weeks ago I wrote about the all new Microsoft Windows 10.  It’s the grandfather of a long string of operating systems. There was no Windows 9 because of the public’s rejection and dislike of Windows 8.1, so they decided to make a fresh start with Windows 10.

Now that it’s been out since July 29th, let’s start at the beginning and work through the process of upgrading. This can be accomplished in one of two ways.

If you’re running an old machine you should consider buying a replacement with Windows 10 already installed.  The good news is that prices have come way down since your last purchase!  That’s the easy route.  Of course you will have to transfer all your documents, photos, music, favorites, email contacts and messages from your old computer to your new one.

If you want to keep your present machine and are running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 you are eligible for a FREE upgrade until July 28, 2016 but you must first reserve a copy. 

On your desktop down next to the clock you will see a small white windows logo icon. Click on it, then click the lower left corner where it says “Reserve your free upgrade.”  The next screen will ask for your email address, but that’s not required.  Simply click on “Skip email confirmation.”  The next window will say “All Done for Now,” then click Close.  You will be notified sometime in the near future when you can download and install Windows 10.

When you receive this notification you are ready for the upgrade.  Before doing so it is recommended that you back up your files just in case there’s a problem.

If this whole operation gives you concern then it’s advised to consult a professional technician.

OK, you’ve decided to do this yourself.  Start the download of Windows 10.  This will take 30 to 45 minutes and when finished it will start the installation.  At some point it will offer a screen which will require your input as to whether to use “Express Settings,” or in small print to the left “Customize Settings.”  My suggestion is to choose “Customize Settings” and take the check marks off everything you see.  This will greatly improve your privacy.

This entire operation from start to finish may take up to two hours, so some patience is required.

The new Microsoft Internet browser, called Edge, is entirely new and will take some getting used to.  If you have been using another browser like Firefox or Google’s Chrome you may want to install one of those.

One more thing.  Windows 10 start button is a great improvement over Windows 8.1, but still you may not be comfortable with it.  If you’d like to use a start button like you’ve been used to for years you can install it for free, and here’s the link.