The Joy of Camping

There were years when we said "Why would anyone buy an RV, pull it somewhere and sit around?"  Now we laugh at those thoughts because our camper has opened a whole new world for us.  There are two ways to camp. 

One is to park in an RV resort with full hookups.  You have city water, electricity, cable TV, and sewer hookup.  The other is to camp in the wilderness where you are self contained.  We carry 120 gallons of water which is plenty for two people for about 10 days.  A 5,500 watt generator furnishes electricity when needed for the microwave or TV, otherwise two 12 volt batteries carry the load for normal use.

We dry camp a lot.  In the summer we travel to Northern Arizona where the temps are cooler and in the winter wilderness camping is only an hour away.  The photo above was from a recent stay north of Wickenburg.  We are always with friends.  We spend the day riding our all terrain vehicle in the mountains and the evenings sitting around the campfire.  Whether it's only for the weekend or for a longer time, we always have a great time!  You might say, "That's not camping because you have all the comforts of home," and that's true.  But we didn't start with this rig, we started with a tent, then a smaller camper, and now this one.  Compared to the tent, I'll take this any day!  We really look forward to each trip and love our RV!