Is Your Cell Phone Hurting You?

Note 5-BlogTechnology has boggled our minds over the last twenty five years.  It’s moving so fast that it is truly an industry on steroids!  The most intelligent and creative minds have not envisioned where we’ll be even in the next five years!

The early eighties brought us the first home computers.  They were primitive with no hard drives, little processing power and a small amount of memory.  There was no internet as we know it today.

Just think what has happened since then!  Today our society is dominated by instant communication.  Technology has added new dimensions to our lives.  The Internet and our cell phones are the biggest contributor to that end!

The Internet has exploded with social media.  Facebook, twitter, and Instagram are wonderful but have actually become addictive in some people’s lives.  We have known addiction for centuries.  Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, and the list goes on. 

All of these technology innovations have enriched our lives, but like anything else there are down sides.  Texting is a good example.  Texting while driving has resulted in thousands of tragic deaths.   No text while driving is worth a trip to the funeral home!  This is a fact:  At 70 mph, looking at your phone for only five seconds is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field….Blindfolded!

Teenagers of today do not know life without cell phones.  Some people are now spending more time in cyberspace than in reality!  Society is loosing our social graces.  We’ve all seen Mom, Dad, and kids at a restaurant not saying a word to each other while texting away, or on Facebook the entire time, and that is sad.  It is an addiction!

This brings me to the point of this article.  “Is your cell phone hurting you?”  By this I mean are you turning people off by constantly having this device in your hand?  Do you sit in church with Facebook?  While having a meal with friends or your significant other do bring out your phone?  Think about this: What you’re implying is that who or what is on your phone is more important than the people you’re with!