The Joys of Camping

Camping2We have been camping for years and started with a tent.  Because most of our friends had 5th wheels and toy haulers the tent didn’t last long.  Our first toy hauler was 22 feet long with all the comforts of home.  That one we camped in a couple of years then stepped up to our present 36 footer with even more great features.


Here we are recently nestled in Arizona’s high country about 35 miles Northeast of Payson.  Usually there are several campers and most of us have RZR’s, side by side all terrain vehicles.   We spend a lot of time up there during the summer where the temps are about 30 degrees cooler than in the valley. 
(Click on photos for larger view)Riding

Riding the trails is always an adventure and offers views from the tall pine trees to the cliffs of the Mogollon rim.  Along with the beauty of the landscape we have seen all kinds of animal life such as squirrels, snakes, coyotes, deer, elk, wild turkeys, lizards, gila monsters, and even bears!

Black Bear

We spotted this guy up on a hill as we rode along a trail.  We followed him for quite awhile constantly taking photos.  He looked at us several times but seemed more interested in his quest for food rather than attacking us.  Of course we always carry a sling shot Smile.  It’s always fun seeing elk and most of the time it’s a single but occasionally a whole herd which could be 20 to 30 of them.


Riding along the forest trails we see lots of unusual things like fallen trees.  They are everywhere and some of their root structures are a thing of art!  Other sights have included giant mushrooms, and unusual rock formations.

Tree Stump



Bones-RZRCo-PilotSometimes my regular co-pilot stays back at camp while this guy rides with me.  He doesn’t talk as much and one time I even tried to teach him how to drive.  Didn’t get far with that though as I guess he was just satisfied being the passenger.

Diane & BonesMeanwhile, back at the campsite my soulmate and bones Lunch
relax, have a drink while I whip up a little snack.  It’s only
about 1 o'clock so we’ll eat up and hit the road again before returning for cocktail hour at 5.  (OK, I lied, she whipped up the lunch.  I couldn’t have possibly done that!)

Camping has really added spice and fun to our lives.  We have taken our second home and visited all the National Parks in the Western United States.  We have ridden trails in Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, created thousands of memories and taken thousands of photos!