Arizona Adventure

A Phoenix newspaper, last weekend, featured an article about Grand Falls.  Turns out that practically nobody has ever heard of it.  Located Northeast of Flagstaff on a Navajo Indian Reservation, this beautiful setting is out in the middle of nowhere!  The falls is actually taller than Niagara Falls and is sometimes referred to as "Chocolate Falls" because it's so muddy.  It only flows in March and April and gets its water from melting snow in the mountains.

Since we are always looking for adventure we loaded the cameras, made a picnic lunch, and headed out on Tuesday.  This was about a 3 hour trip with the last 10 miles on a rough and dusty dirt road.  We got there plenty early as to take advantage of the morning light.  We had the whole place to ourselves except for a father and son who were enjoying an outdoor breakfast.  This place is so unbelievable that you just don't show up, take a couple of pictures and leave.  We spent three and a half hours exploring this site from all angles and took hundreds of photos.  You can click on these pictures for a larger view and see more in my Arizona Photo Gallery.

Next, we headed for Sunset Crater which is just north of Flagstaff.  This is a place that we have passed many times but have never taken the time to visit.  1,000 years ago volcanoes erupted here leaving massive lava fields and a large crater.  Photos from this place can also be seen in the Arizona Photo Gallery.

The last stop of the day was Grand Canyon, which was an hours drive from Sunset Crater.  We have been here many times but never get tired of the breathtaking views of what has transpired over millions of years.  This is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth, and first time visitors are in total awe of their experience!

After 16 hours and 534 miles we were both tired out when we got home, but had much fun "making a memory." 

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