God shed His Grace on Thee, and Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood, from Sea to Shining Sea!"

I'm writing this entry because of the unbelievable events that have transpired in our government the last few years!  I say "unbelievable" because that's what's on the minds of people with common sense and a love for the greatest Country on planet earth.

A lot of Americans may not even be aware that a very slow migration toward socialism has been escalating since the 1930s.  Sometimes we are not cognizant of things that move very slowly and seem so innocent.

Today socialism has raised it's ugly head and leading this cause is Bernie Sanders, a self proclaimed socialist running for President.  Socialism leads to communism.  His platform may sound encouraging to people who don't want to provide for themselves;  people who want everything for nothing.  My friends, it can't work that way and this has been proven in other Countries.  There is no free lunch, someone has to pay and that's why he has promised to raise taxes!

The left just can't get over the fact that Hillary lost the last election.  Their hatred for President Trump has led to nothing but chaos during his entire time in office. The talk of impeachment started the day he was elected!  Despite this total disruption and the millions of dollars spent trying to get him out of office, the economy has boomed, unemployment is at an all time low, the list goes on and on and Americans are better off than any time in history.

Our Country is known as "The United States of America."  Do you think we are "United" today?  Far from it. Nobody can say anything today without it being "Racist!"  We are bickering and fighting about everything!  Just think about what we could have accomplished in the last three years if we would have been "United." 

Speaking of "United,"  I can't comprehend people that we elect to Congress not representing the citizens that elected them.  My home state of Arizona elected Senator John McCain and after his death, elected Senator Jeff Flake.  Both of these Senators did not represent the Republican party who put them in office!  They went totally against the grain of conservative ethics for which they promised in their campaigns.

The latest example of this is Senator Mitt Romney.  In 2008 my wife and I drove back to our hometown of Davenport, Iowa, to visit family, friends, and to attend a class reunion.  We had no sooner driven back to Phoenix when my cousin called and said, on the spur on the moment, that they decided to open up their farm and host a Romney Rally.  We immediately purchased airline tickets, flew back, rented a car, and attended this Romney for President Rally.  It was incredible how hard the Frye family worked on this project.  Keaton and his wife Lauren spearheaded the movement and it was very successful!  National TV and local media were in attendance. 

My wife and I are both Precinct Committeemen for legislative District 22 in Arizona, and were very proud of this event. So, the person we worked hard to elect as the Republican nominee for President in 2008, and who at the present time is a United States Senator voted to impeach President Trump.  Mitt Romney is the only Senator ever to vote to convict a President of his own party!  You are entitled to your own opinion, but in my opinion Mitt did not convey the trust of the citizens of Utah or the rest of American Republicans that elected him!  Romney said he had to follow his conscience and talked about God. Senator Lindsey Graham told him "Your religion is clouding your thinking."  You be the judge.

I don't have words for Nancy Pelosi and her gang. How dare you display such a childish temper tantrum during the State of the Union Address. You embarrassed America and you were a disgrace to the coveted office of Speaker of the House. Your own daughter, a democratic strategist, called your tantrum "An Italian Grandma Move!"

No matter which side you're on, Americans today are totally disgusted with politicians.  Start doing  your job for the good of our Nation, or  resign.  If you don't resign we will vote you out!

In 1961 I volunteered for three years in the United State's Army.   I was proud to serve and defend.  I love my Country, and support the man who America elected as President. Despite all the chaos, times are good!

Remember the 1992 Los Angeles riots when Rodney King emotionally stated "Can't we all just get along?"

Come November America will turn down one of two paths.  To the left we face Socialism.  If you don't know what Socialism is, it's a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realism of Communism.  A turn down the right path America will continue as we have since our forefathers wrote the Constitution.  We are a Country based on free enterprise and all our other freedoms that just maybe at times we take for granted.

Let's keep moving forward in a positive manner, a manner that benefits all Americans!