Are you a Coffee Hound?

I’ve really never been a coffee drinker.  A few months ago we stayed at a bed and breakfast in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Quietly sitting in the dining room was a Keurig coffee maker.  Next to it was a display of different kinds of coffee in cute little container cups.  Pop one of those cups in the machine, tell it how many ounces you want and push the magic button.  Seconds later you have this exotic coffee drink.  Add sugar and cream to your liking and sip away.

Keurig2It was so good I looked forward to another flavor later that day.  So after an afternoon of exploring the country side and taking photos we returned to our nest, and you guessed it, headed for the Keurig.  This time I tried another flavor and liked it even better.

Of course after dinner that evening it was that time again.  This was becoming fun and I was really enjoying the experience!

This went on for the three days we stayed there and by the time we left I was hooked.  Arriving back in Phoenix, the first thing I did was to shop for this marvelous machine.  I went to many stores and by far the best deal was Sam’s Club.  They had the best price and it came with 45 K cups, many times more than other stores.

We tried a few different storage cabinets and the best one we found at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  The drawer pulls out and there sits a stock of 36 K-Cups enough coffee for a couple of days!  No, just kidding.  My favorite taste is “Donut Shop” but of course your liking will be different. 

One of the neat things is that there are dozens of flavors to choose from. I am now an official certified “Coffee Hound!”