My Health

After sitting on my you know what for years with a flying career, and the last few years sitting on my you know what in my studio, I thought I’d better get off my you know what and get back in shape like I was in Office Candidate School in the sixties.  I’ll probably never be that tough again, but the move is on for better health!

TreadmillRecently I joined a Fitness Center.  I was embarrassed when my personal trainer took my measurements.  I was even more embarrassed when asked how much I exercised!  Exercise?  If it wasn’t for the auto spell checker, I wouldn’t even know how to spell that word!   

Like everything in life, you must start somewhere.  I remember a saying I learned years ago; “Inch by inch, anything's a cinch!” 

I remember when I quit smoking 22 years ago.  It was a challenge both mentally and physically.  It wasn’t easy, but it had to be done to keep living a healthy life.

So, here I go taking another path in life.  Not the one I’ve been on, but a new one and that’s exciting!  A path of exercise and eating properly.

There are so many reasons to do this.  I don’t want my wife to live alone.  I want to witness my grandchildren get married.  I want to witness the advancement and the excitement of technology, and I want to witness more of the beauty that surrounds me.

Life is good!