TechnologyTechnology is an industry on steroids and is moving so fast that it can’t keep up with itself!  We have made further strides in this arena in the past 25 years than we have in the history of mankind!

The mind of man has not conceived where we’ll be even five years from now because it hasn’t been thought of yet!

I have been fascinated and intrigued by technology all my life.  Early on I owned an electronics business, but gave that up for a career in aviation.  Back in the early eighties I got involved with computers and after retiring from flying started a computer business.

Today we are enjoying these tremendous strides in technology in all kinds of ways.  The Internet, digital photography, high definition television, tablets, drones, and smart phones, just to name a few.

Sitting in the drivers seat of some new automobiles resembles the cockpit of a jet.  All these new innovations at your finger tips like satellite radio, bluetooth, USB connections, and electronic navigation.

Maybe the biggest thing that has really changed our lives is the cell phone.  How did we ever live without them?  With a smart phone the possibilities are becoming endless.  Sophisticated cameras, keeping track of your appointments, navigation, online banking including check deposits, photo galleries, the Internet, and all the other things we can do with them.

Cell phone texting serves a valuable purpose in many ways but its negative side is causing our society to loose social graces.  A great many people are spending more time in cyber space than they are in reality.  Driving while intexticated is causing more deaths today than driving while intoxicated!

I’m sure you’ve seen Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister at a restaurant having dinner.  While eating their food, the entire time all four of them are texting!  When you text while being with other people you are non verbally saying that the person you’re texting is more important than the person or persons you’re with!

I’ve even seen people in church spend most of the service with their bright screen antagonizing the people around them while they continually surfed Facebook.  Facebook should be an occasional visit and not an addiction.

Technology will continue to change the world but we must continue to embrace the family unit!