Mystery Solved

A few blogs ago I mentioned that mysteriously a Stanley Engineering sign appeared at our door step while camped in the Quad Cities.

Well we have the mystery person. He was a former neighbor and when I got divorced in 1984 he bought it in a garage sale that my former wife had. So for 24 years he has had this sign that was formerly on a business that I owned in Davenport, Iowa.

I can't tell you how surprised I was to receive this momento from the past, but for a few days was mystified on how it got to our RV! If you know Pete Lau, you would understand how wild this was. He was, is, and always will be one of my fondest friends!

Thanks Pete.....

A Great Vacation!

Let's see, from the 14th until the 28th. I think I've skipped a few days. We're back in Phoenix now, but really had a wonderful time for the 32 days we spent "On the Road."

The last two weeks of our trip we were camped at Scott County Park, just north of Davenport, Iowa. One morning we woke up early to find the area covered with fog, so off we went to take some pictures. This is a small lake in the park and it was most beautiful at sunrise.

Outside of a couple of rainy days here, the whole trip presented itself with sunshine. It was a great time of the year to travel as most people were finished with their vacations and the kids were all in school.

Another benefit was that fuel prices were down considerably since the summer months. We must have stopped at 20 to 30 Love's stations across the country. They were much easier to navigate with the RV than other stations and their prices were usually lower.

I have added some pictures to my Photo Galleries from the vacation and will be adding more as time permits for editing.

Thanks for your visit....Blessings.

A Fun Monday (Oct 14th)

Yesterday we spent the day cruising around looking for photo opportunities. Started in the morning spending time at Pioneer Village here in the park where we are camped. Very interesting place. If you live in the Quad Cities this would be a great way to spend some Saturday morning.

We had lunch with David and Paul in Davenport. They went back to work, and then we visited the John Deere museum in Moline.

I took this photo of an etching on the front window which I thought made a great shot! That's the Radisson Hotel across the street which is right on the Mississippi River. (Click it to see larger.)

Of course what kind of a day would it be if a girl couldn't do a little shopping? When you are the world's largest farm implement company, there's a lot of goodies to choose from in their gift shop.

After the Deere Museum we cruised the Illinois side of the river and spent some time walking around Prospect Park in Moline. It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon and this was a great place to reflect and relax.

When I was on the radio, I remember one of our DJs got married here.

Hope all is well at your house.

Life is good!

The Weekend of Oct 10th

I can't believe how many people we have seen and how much fun we are having! Saturday it was up at the crack of dawn, headed into Davenport, picked up our friends Pete and Ronelle who had VIP tickets for us to attend the McCain Rally. It's one thing to see one of those shindigs on TV but another to be there in person. A very enthusiastic crowd was on hand to meet John. I can call him John now, but not long from now it will be "Mr. President."

It was neat to see him in person and to see how well the advance people can organize a rally. We waited around for a while to see his bus leave.

From there we had a large pizza for lunch and then Di and I went to my cousin's house for a relaxing afternoon. Then to church with David and Paula and out for a fantastic dinner.

If you are live in the Quad Cities and are reading this and haven't been to Graze you need to make a visit! Outstanding food. I'm now wondering if we will ever get back to Phoenix as we will be overloaded because I'm now 500 pounds!

Today it was church again this morning with my daughter Lisa, husband David, Hannah, and Emma. I took a picture of Lisa and kids during breakfast and they are the last three in my portrait gallery.

Kenny and Sharon just pulled up in their motor home and will park next to us for the next four nights. We will head back to Phoenix on Monday the 20th. Meeting more friends this week, and might even find time just to relax.

Life is good....

Good Times in the Quad Cities

We are seeing lots of friends, some of them that we haven't seen in years. The weather is great with temps in the 70s and cool enough at night to have the heat on in the RV.

We had delightful lunch yesterday at a winery in Colona, Illinois, a short drive from our campsite across the Mississippi river in Iowa.

Years ago, before my flying career, I owned a business in Davenport, Stanley Engineering Co. Somehow someone got a brass sign off of the building, kept it all these years and delivered it to our campsite yesterday while we were gone. When we arrived it was sitting on the table outside the RV, and it was quite a thrill! We have yet to find out who the mystery person is.

Today we were visited by my cousin, Lance Frye and he brought his son Keaton with him who is attending Augustana College in Rock Island. He's a tall good looking basketball player who is currently up for Cosmopolitan Magazine's "Bachelor of the Year." They flew him to New York for a photo shoot and you can see him and vote for him here. He is Mr. Iowa. I posted this picture that I took of him today in my "Friends & Family" gallery.

David and Paula were out the other night and presented us with a video production that he made of our European vacation last October. We watched it in full stereo in the RV. Very cool and a very nice gift! Sure nice to have talented friends.

We sure are enjoying this gypsy life and our new rig. Who knows, the way we are losing money in the stock market, this may be our new home!

Life is good.

Travel to the Quad Cities

We left Pigeon Forge, Tn Friday morning and camped in Crawfordsville, Indiana that night. Arrived at Scott County Park in Davenport, Iowa Saturday at 2pm. We traveled through the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. This park is absolutely beautiful! 1,280 acres located 9 miles north of Davenport, where I was born and grew up.

This morning it rained hard for a couple of hours, the first precipitation on the whole trip. It will be fun to be able to see so many old friends while we are here. We spent the afternoon with my cousin and his wife touring and bringing back memories.

My daughter, her husband, and my granddaughter live here and have spent the last two evenings with us. After dinner tonight we had a fire and roasted marshmallows.

As of today, I finally got out Cyber News as I could only mail a few hundred per day.

Haven't had time to work on photos but I did post the last four pictures on this gallery and this one.

Hope things are good with you. Drop us a line.

Life is good.

Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

Wow, haven't posted since Friday. Time flies. The wedding Saturday was superb. Outdoors, great couple, good wine, outstanding food. Congrats Chris and Caroline.

Sunday we attended church in Franklin, Tn with David, Paula, Scott, and Leslie. The church was so much like ours in Phoenix and we really enjoyed it. I can't tell you how fascinated we were with this town. I would seriously consider moving there. After church we had lunch, then headed for Pigeon Forge, some 4 hours to the East. Staying in a KOA.

Monday we drove through part of the Smoky Mountain National Park, namely Cade's Cove and along the way saw old cabins, churches and other buildings built in the early 1800s. At one cabin, while I was taking a photo, we met a woman and her daughter. The mother's great grandmother lived in the cabin! At another stop while walking through an old barn a five foot black snake slithered in front of us. My skin crawled but I still got some pictures of him.

Tuesday we drove to Gatlinburg and were very surprised at what a quaint town it was. We rode a tram to the top of a mountain, and that was fun.

Today we spent the day at Dollywood, just a short distance from our RV resort. A fun day, and it seems like all we did is eat!

Tomorrow we will explore more of the mountains and looking forward to some good pictures, although it's still a little early for turning of the leaves.

The first thing this morning I posted Cyber News on the net, but this ISP won't let me mass email anyone, so that's got me frustrated. Oh well, not the end of the world. I'll try from the Quad Cities.