A Fun Monday (Oct 14th)

Yesterday we spent the day cruising around looking for photo opportunities. Started in the morning spending time at Pioneer Village here in the park where we are camped. Very interesting place. If you live in the Quad Cities this would be a great way to spend some Saturday morning.

We had lunch with David and Paul in Davenport. They went back to work, and then we visited the John Deere museum in Moline.

I took this photo of an etching on the front window which I thought made a great shot! That's the Radisson Hotel across the street which is right on the Mississippi River. (Click it to see larger.)

Of course what kind of a day would it be if a girl couldn't do a little shopping? When you are the world's largest farm implement company, there's a lot of goodies to choose from in their gift shop.

After the Deere Museum we cruised the Illinois side of the river and spent some time walking around Prospect Park in Moline. It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon and this was a great place to reflect and relax.

When I was on the radio, I remember one of our DJs got married here.

Hope all is well at your house.

Life is good!