Road Rage

Ever notice that it seems everyone is mad today?  Where is it all coming from?  Hollywood hasn’t helped the situation with all their sex, drugs, and violent movies. 

The art of being nice to each other is all but lost.  People don’t even make eye contact very often.  You say hi to someone and if you’re lucky you might get a grunt.

I’m not saying this is 100% of the time, but it’s pretty much the general rule.

Lately I have made it a point to say something nice to total strangers.

If I find someone giving an outstanding performance on the job, I will tell the manager, or go on the corporate web site and pass along the compliment so it filters down the chain of command.  It benefits all as the giver feels good and the receiver feels great!

I’ve lived in Phoenix for 18 years where the population is over 4 million.  That’s a lot of folks driving everyday.  One of the things that “trips my trigger” every time is someone who races up behind my vehicle and then rides my bumper. It’s called “tailgating.”  I’m lucky it hasn’t gotten me in trouble as people have been shot because they didn’t get out of the way!

I know you’ve probably been there too and know how it feels.  Your blood boils…..

Road RageIt has only been recently that I told myself not to let that crazy driver ruin my day. In the past I’d drive the exact speed limit, look in my rear view mirror and take pleasure as I watched the person on my tail have a conniption fit.  No more, it’s not worth it as the person could be drunk, on drugs, or just be in a violent mood.

Now I’ll move over, let them pass, take a deep breath, and smile.  Life is too short to let some dimwit get the best of you or worse yet get you involved in an accident!