Adventure Trip to Utah

DunesLast week we and another couple took our RVs and quads and travelled to Southern Utah.  We spent four days camped in Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.  This is quite a unique and beautiful place and we had fun riding and taking photos.


During one of those days we took a side trip to Zion National Park.  It was only about a 30 minute drive from where we were camped and the weather was perfect.  Zion has many unusual features and provides a casual adventure, especially if you are into hiking.

We had an enjoyable lunch just outside of the South entrance and after spending the better part of the day, we headed an hour North to Bryce Canyon N.P.


This place is breathtaking!
There are lots of observa-
tion points from which you can take photos and enjoy the splendor that this place has to offer.  The altitude is over 8,000 feet so take your time walking from the parking lots.

We left the Coral Sand Dunes Friday and spent the weekend at the Lake Powell RV Resort. We used this as a base while we explored Glen Canyon Dam, Horseshoe Bend, and Lower Antelope Canyon.
The lower & upper slot canyons are located just 5 miles east of Page, Arizona on a Navaho Indian Reservation and as a photographer there is no greater thrill.

After parking your vehicle, you’ll transported by an Indian guide a couple of miles to the Upper Canyon.  It can be explored casually and is an easy walk through its beauty.

EntranceThe Lower Canyon is a different story.  After paying a fee, you can walk a short distance to a slit in the ground.  You turn your shoulders sideways as you make your way into the bowls of the earth.  You’ll descent down many steep ladders, and on the canyon floor you will stop every few steps and take photos in all directions.  You will be in total awe of what your mind is trying to absorb.  This is a spectacle like no other, carved out over thousands of years by Mother Nature.

LowerI have visited these canyons 4 times and have probably taken a thousand pictures.  It is hard to pick out one that describes the breathtaking beauty of this experience!

The canyon twists and turns and around every corner is another indescribable view.
At times the floor is so narrow that you have to put one foot in front of the other.  Each movement of your eyes captures beauty in your memory and then in your camera.

This was a week jam packed full of fun and adventure.  You can see a whole gallery of these canyons (more to be added soon) on my Photo Site.  Click on photos for larger view.

Life is good!