Photo Editing

Nikon D80-BlogPhotography is a passion of mine.  As a photographer you are more keenly aware of the beauty that surrounds you.  A photo captures a moment in time, can tell a story, and bring back a memory. 

Today, most of us have a smart phone and that means you always have a camera with you.  Even serious photographers are enjoying photographing the world with their phones.

The iPhone has become a staple in the world of pictures.  Snap a shot, send it in an instant message, in an email, post it to your favorite photo site, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

There are many apps that will let you edit, enhance, or add special effects to your picture before you send it off.  One of my favorites is PhotoForge2.

If I’m at home I like to plug my iPhone into my computer and enhance photos in my editing program.  I use Paint Shop Pro X5 to edit and Topaz Labs Filters to enhance.  This is where the fun comes in!

Here’s an example of a pretty generic iPhone photo taken of us by a friend on a recent photo excursion in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

G&D on Photo Boat-Original

The person who took this shot sent it to me in a message.

When we got home I imported it into PSP. 

First I increased the exposure to brighten the faces, then painted the background including the post behind my head.  I used the magic wand to isolate that area.  I opened another photo that was previously edited, copied it, and dropped it into the isolated area.

The last step for this shot was to add three borders and my logo at the bottom.   Bingo…And the end product looks pretty good!

G&D on Photo Boat

This was our first visit to Cabo and this boat trip  to Los Arcos rock formations was a highlight for me.  If we go back again I’ll have them drop me off on the beach so I can walk around and photograph all afternoon!

Here’s the full version of the background.  It’s the shot of the arch that everyone wants to get.

Los Arch 2

Don’t let the camera in your cell phone go unused.
Take lots of photos and share them with the world!

You may click on the photos for a larger view.