Meet Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager

Until just recently I had never heard of Dennis Prager. I found this gentleman totally by accident on YouTube. I watched some of his videos and was intrigued by his personality and intelligence.

After some research I learned that according to Toastmasters, he is one of America’s five best speakers.

The Los Angeles Times is quoted as saying “An amazingly gifted man and moralist whose mission in life has been crystallized to get people obsessed with what is right and wrong.”

Dennis Prager is also one of America’s most respected radio talk show hosts and has been broadcasting from Los Angeles since 1982.

I have studied motivation, success, goal setting, public speaking, and similar subjects since the seventies, but possibly never moved as much as I was when watching a speech that Dennis gave to the students of a Florida College.

His subject; “Happiness is Not a Feeling: It’s a Moral Obligation.”  If you watch this video it will completely change the way you think about being happy.  In fact, it will change your way of life and the influence you have on every person that you meet!

This presentation is an hour and fifteen minutes, so set aside this much time to enjoy and learn from what he has to say.

In my humble opinion, each of us should always be taking steps to improve our lives and this is one of those steps!

Now, sit back relax and enjoy this time with Dennis Prager!

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