America Has Spoken!


The day after the election and America has spoken!  The majority of our Nation is disgusted with big government and the direction the current administration has taken us over the past two years.  We are faced with no jobs, huge national debt, an unhealthy housing market, continued wild spending, a nonchalant attitude toward securing our borders, and a health care bill that Nancy Pelosi said “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it!”  No matter who you are or your party affiliation I think you’ll agree that was a not an intelligent statement!  What she said was “we are cramming something down your throat whether you like it or not!”

Our President ran on a platform of “Hope and Change for America.”  The problem is that his agenda is not the change we had hoped for.  This election strongly voiced that we need to get back on track of common sense and responsibility.

Elected politicians need to represent the people and not their own selfish interests.  Now, with a lot of fresh faces, we will see change, change in another direction. 

Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, or Independent, we need to find common ground for making America the Country that we have always been proud of!