Tech Tips

Here are the instructions for paragraph one of the previous entry.

1. Run CCleaner each time you use your computer.
· Double Click the Red C on the desktop.
· Click "Run Cleaner" in the right lower corner.
· When finished, Click the Red X, top right.

2. Run Malwarebytes every two weeks.
· Double Click Malwarebytes on the desktop.
· When asked "Do you want to ......." Click Yes.
· Click Update on the right.
· After update click the blue "Scan Now"
  When finished scanning if it found nothing then
  close the program. If it found objects make sure
  all are checked, then Remove.

3. Run Disk Defrag once a month.
· Double Click Disk Defrag on the desktop.
· Make sure C: Drive is highlighted.
· Click "Optimize" Button, Lower right corner.
  Follow directions when finished

Tech Tips

Here are some miscellaneous tech tips to help you along the path of today’s technology!
On your computer or laptop run CCleaner daily. Run Malwarebytes twice a month. Defragement your C: drive monthly. You can also download CCleaner & use it on your phone!

If you install Windows 10 or purchase a new computer with 10 installed, download and install the “Classic Shell” start button that will look and act like Windows 7.  This will take the frustration out of using the Windows 10 start button.

Don’t pay for Microsoft’s Office.  Download and install “Open Office.”  It’s FREE, and it’s an entire office suite!

If your Wi-Fi stops working, unplug your modem and router.  Wait 30 seconds.  Plug them back in, wait 1 minute, and that will most likely fix your problem!

If you value your documents, photos, and music, on your computer, back them up on an external hard drive. 

Most people have hundreds of photos on their phone and if the phone crashes your pictures are gone!  Keep your phone backed up by turning on the Cloud.  Don’t be sorry, be safe!

If you love taking photos with your smartphone, download the “Snapseed” app and use it to edit your pictures.  It’s fun and it’s free!  And, speaking of taking photos, don’t forget about using your panorama mode for a different photo effect!

Another great phone app is “My Radar.”  See live weather radar no matter where you are in the world!  Might save you from driving through a severe thunderstorm on your vacation!

The most awesome program on my computer, my iPad, and my phone is “Flipboard!”  It’s a free program where you can read about all your favorite subjects.  Try it, you’ll like it!