The Smart Phone Battle

Samsung VS iPhoneThe rumors are flying and the speculation is high over the unveiling of the next iPhone which should happen in August or September.  How will it stack up against the competition is the big question!

I have to give credit to Steve Jobs for the explosion of photography starting with the iPhone 4.  Pocket camera sales are at an all time low and personally I see them disappearing from the marketplace in the next couple of years, and that’s all because of smartphone camera technology.

It would have sounded far fetched if someone would have told you, not that long ago, you could access the Internet, send and receive email, send and receive texts, take great pictures and videos, pay your bills,  deposit checks, and even make telephone calls on a hand held device!  But we are doing just that and more today.

Smart phones just keep getting smarter so we’re constantly thinking what the next model will offer us.

Apple’s iPhone certainly had the market share until Samsung came along with the Galaxy S4.  In a lot of people’s opinion the new Galaxy S5 really out did the iPhone 5S on several accounts.

So the question is what will Apple bring to the table in a few short months?  If it’s the iPhone 6 or whatever they call it, will it take the lead again?  Here’s an in depth look at this whole discussion.