You and I Can Change the World!

violenceSeems like every day we hear about senseless killings, not only in America, but all over the world.  Why is this happening?  Why has our society become so violent?  Why is there so much hatred?  We were stunned and shocked by the recent Boston fiasco. The word people used most is "why?"   Why do certain cultures hate America? 

Why is America so generous only to have this generosity thrown back in our face?  We must look for answers before the world destroys itself!  Personally I feel helpless in the big picture, but you and I can influence our family, friends, and neighbors in a positive way. If each person that reads this does that, we as a group can change the world.

Maybe just maybe part of the reason for chaos all around us, is that we have fallen away from God.  Ya, I know there are atheists who will throw darts at me and that's okay.  The majority of Americans are Christians and believe in God, but don't go to church.  Maybe the reason is church was boring.  If so look for a new one.  There are many wonderful churches in most cities today where it's exciting to attend; churches where the Pastor or Pastors talk today's language, and talk about today's problems.  Churches that not only offer weekend services but activities for all ages all week long. 

GodOur church here in Phoenix, Christ's Church of the Valley (CCV) sets a great example.  Five services every weekend, a food court, Starbucks, an outside grill serving hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and hotdogs, 80 beautiful acres, and three teaching Pastors that give phenomenal messages!  Some people are thinking "Starbucks at Church?"  Don't make fun, Starbucks is huge all over the world and it's just one thing that makes CCV so special.  Make it a point to attend church this weekend and I guarantee your life will change!

I don't know about you, but I can't stand to watch the news anymore!  Whether it be national news, or local news, it's one negative story after another.  The news media thrives on negativity because it sells.  Why does it sell?  Simply because we live in a negative society.  Sex, drugs, and violence are the headlines.  You don't realize this unless you are older and have seen days when we enjoyed clean wholesome movies, TV programs, and happy news. I see young kids today in the grocery store kicking their mothers and throwing tantrums.  You know how long that would have lasted in my day?  Not one second!  It wouldn't have happened in the first place in my day because there wasn't sex, drugs, and violence around every corner.

Smiley 3You and I can't change the big picture until we change the little picture and that means the immediate world around us.  Believe me, there are enough good people today that believe in working for a living, being honest and doing the right thing.  Surround yourself with these people because "You are who you hang around with!"  I'll say it again.  "I feel helpless in the big picture, but you and I can influence our family, friends, and neighbors in a positive way to make a better world!"