Our recent visit to Vegas


The world’s most exciting city, Las Vegas, is a fun place to visit and we like to do it at least once a year.  A lot can happen in that city in 12 months as it is constantly re-inventing itself.  One of the latest additions is “City Center,” and it is simply awesome!  The Aria Hotel is part of this complex and was featured on a recent episode of “The Bachelor.”  We spent the good part of a day exploring, shopping, having lunch, and taking photos.  When I took this photo it seemed like I was standing in the middle of Disney World! 

To Vegas and back home to Phoenix we drove across the new 240 million dollar Hoover Dam Bridge.  I was a little apprehensive the first time (because of my fear of heights) as the bridge is almost 1,000 above the Colorado River, but they put 4 foot walls on both sides so unless you are driving an 18 wheeler you don’t even realize you are on it. 

Hoover Dam
You do have the option of going just a little out of your way, parking, and hiking to the new bridge for a spectacular view of one of our National Treasures.  The hike was easy and wheel chair accessible.

The dam is located on the Arizona – Nevada border and you will experience a time change when crossing the bridge.

We thoroughly enjoyed our 3 day adventure!  Now I have to sift through over 500 photos and post a few of them on my Photo Site.
(You may click on the photos for a larger view.)