iPad 3


The new Apple iPad was in retail stores on Friday, March 16.  Again people lined up to be the first kid on the block to have the new toy, and I was one of them.

Rather than go to the Apple store which is always the biggest crowd, I chose Best Buy.  Arriving a half hour after they opened I was 18th in line and the wait was not that bad.

I always said I would never stand in line for anything after serving in the Army, but now I’ve done it twice; a couple of months ago for the new iPhone 4S and this time for the new iPad.  This instrument, to me, is maybe the coolest product of my lifetime.  I loved the iPad 1, skipped the iPad 2 and went for this one.  Now I have two, and the first one goes to my wife as she used it more than I did!

So, here are my thoughts.  The hype for iPad 3 was tremendous, as usual for Apple products.  Faster processor, faster graphics. a retina display to knock your socks off, and 4G.  I will tell you after using it for a couple of weeks, I can’t see the difference in the display between the 1 & the 3.  Side by side I’ve looked at many photos and I’m not dazzled as promised.  The only thing I gained is a front and back camera which was included in the second model and a faster processor.  The camera is improved with the latest model, and the speed is significant over the iPad 1, but would that be worth the upgrade?

The bottom line?  If you’re thinking about upgrading, do your homework.  If I hadn’t given the first one to my wife, I probably would have returned the new purchase and been happy with the old one.  But, since we both love it, we’ll both use our own and live happily ever after!