American Idol

imageBack in March l wrote that I have always been a music lover and in my early years played the drums.  I was lucky enough to spend 12 years on the radio spinning records, so American Idol has always been a program that I have enjoyed.

I mentioned how boring the 2010 season was with four blabbering judges and the lack of talent from the contestants.  In order to keep a show like this on top, you have to keep it fresh and I think they have done that this year with two new judges 

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith has added flavor, and I like him.  His group has sold over 20 million albums, so he certainly has the credentials for this position.  Of course Jennifer Lopez is no slouch, and you know what?  I don’t miss Simon in the least bit.  His nasty comments and just the way he treated people was way over the top.

So far the pre-season auditions have been much more entertaining than in previous years.  More raw talent is being featured and not so much of the ridiculous stuff.  Some very heartwarming stories have been featured, such as this one from contestant Chris Medina.

In my opinion the glue that has held American Idol together for 10 years is Ryan Seacrest.  He has done a masterful job of being the MC.

I think this season of American Idol will be a good one!