Living with Covid-19

My wife and I live in Sun City West, Arizona.  The community was originally started in 1978 by a man named Del Web.  Today it's voted one of the most desirable retirement communities in America!  SCW features hundreds of clubs, nine activity centers, nine golf courses, grocery stores, restaurants, a hospital, and even its own radio station. (Click on photos for a larger view.)

The recreation centers feature tennis courts, pickleball courts, racquetball, a 30 lane bowling alley, a 30 billiard table lounge, bocce ball, mini golf, walking tracks, lawn bowling, swimming pools, outdoor concerts, and much more. These are just some of the bocce ball courts.

Now with the advent of the coronavirus we are, for all practical purposes, a "ghost town."  We're all still here, but essentially confined to our homes.  If you do drive to the grocery store most people are masked and keeping their distance.

Thank goodness the golf courses  are still open!  Those of us who play golf can play our favorite course, enjoy the outdoors with all its beauty and breathe in all the fresh air.  There has been talk about closing the courses, but that hasn't happened yet.

Anytime of the day you'll see hundreds of people playing sports but now things are at a stand still.  Parking lots are empty, and swimming pools are lacking swimmers. It's strange not to see people at the rec centers!

One of the most popular golf courses is Grandview.  The pro shop has everything and the restaurant is a very popular place to gather, especially if you sit outside. Wednesday and Fridays feature "all you can eat fish and chips, Thursdays $2.79 cheeseburgers! Now the pro shop and restaurant are closed. The outside chairs and tables are all in storage except for a few.

I'm sure this is all mostly true no matter where you live. Most eating places just have drive thru or carry out.  This is our local McDonalds, and boy are they staying busy!  Thankfully we have plenty of food and other essentials, and hope you do too.

These sidewalks are empty now, but soon we'll all be back to some kind of normalcy.  The coronavirus is contagious, but so is panic, paranoia, and hysteria, so let's just relax and put our faith and trust in God.  It's all about "Faith over Fear."

I took these photos and wrote this Blog on Monday, April 6th and on Tuesday the 7th the powers to be announced that the golf courses will close until further notice on Tuesday, April 14th.

I'm curious.  If this is such a crisis why would they wait another week?  In my opinion if they close the golf courses then why not close the sidewalks?  I don't see how anyone could catch any type of disease out in the open when all the golfers are riding in their privately owned golf carts or walking.  I called the Briarwood Country Club, where we live, and they are staying open.  That means we'll sit on our patio every day and watch all the golfers go by,  but we can't play the Sun City West public courses.

Epilog:  On April 22nd it was announced that 5 of the 7 public courses will open on May 4th, but only under strict rules.  In my opinion they went way too far with this as the State of  Arizona is open for golf.  Reference: Golf World.