Windows 10

Remember way back in 1995 when Microsoft introduced Windows 95?  That was a huge step from Windows 3.1.  Since then we’ve had many operating systems, some good some bad.  Windows XP had a 14 year run and 10% of all desktop users are still holding out.  Windows ME and Vista were dogs, but Windows 7 brought back the faith.

Windows 10Windows 8 came out a couple of years ago and has been a total flop.  Now Microsoft is trying their best to pull us back into the fold with Windows 10.  When it’s released sometime this year it will be a free upgrade for users of 7 and 8.  They are promising big changes and maybe even a respectable start button!

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Windows 7 Exits Mainstream Support

That’s the headline and it takes effect on Tuesday January 13th, 2015.  But don’t panic, that doesn’t mean the end of one of Microsoft's most popular operating systems.

Leaving mainstream support only means that Windows 7 won't be receiving any new features or product tweaks.  So relax, it’s not going anywhere for years, thank goodness!

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