Computer Problem?

Did something strange just happen to your laptop or desktop?  Perhaps an icon disappeared from the taskbar, your Internet browser is acting funny, or an endless list of other small gripes.

There are things you can do before calling a tech.  Your first option is to re-boot your machine and most often that will supply the fix. If that doesn’t do the trick then Google the problem and most of the time you’ll come up with an answer.

A common fix when not being able to access the Internet is to pull the power (the small black cord) on your modem and your router if you have one.  Wait 30 seconds, then plug them back in, wait two minutes, then open your browser.  Chances are very good you’re now back on the Internet!
Caution:  Never let anyone take remote control of your computer unless it is a technician that you know personally.  This is a good way to get scammed!