Do You Need the Latest Cell Phone?

Let’s talk about cell phones.  Today’s generation take them for granted, they've never been without one.  If you’re older you’ll probably agree it’s the greatest invention of our time.  Get your mail, text your friends, get on the Internet, ask Siri or Google anything and you have an answer instantly!  The whole thing is utterly awesome.  And don’t forget the camera.  Some of the latest phones take amazing photos and thank goodness the teens have their selfies!

After starting with several iPhones, I switched to Samsung and have had 4 of them, all Notes.  I believe the Samsung is a much better phone than the Apple.  That’s my opinion and it’s kind of like “Ford or Chevy.”

Now let’s talk some common sense.  Do we need the latest version every year?  I’m the first to admit that for years I’ve been one of those people, cause I love technology.  There were major advancements during those growing years, but it seems that has leveled off.  The days of camping all night around the block at Best Buy to purchase the latest and greatest iPhone are dwindling down.  People are keeping their phones longer.  Apple has been the all time marketing king!  You were nobody unless you had the latest release.

My current phone is a Samsung Note 8.  My first interest in a phone is the camera as I’m a photographer.  I passed the Note 9 and waited for this years Note 10+ as many improvements in the camera are being touted.  Since I’m currently laid up from a total knee replacement I’ve had plenty of time to research and watch reviews from experts on this latest from Samsung.  They are raving about the vivid screen, better battery life, and the versatility of many camera lenses. 

Now is when you have to use some common sense.  The price tag for the phone I’ve waited for is $1,100!  So, I started asking myself some questions.  Are these improvements worth this high dollar?  One of the selling features this year is the ability of using the stylus to activate the camera.  Big deal!  They changed the command button to the other side, some getting used to.  They did away with the headphone jack,  which eliminates the use of my push button selfie stick.

Research has shown that people are keeping their phones longer and getting off the “must have upgrade train.”  I’ve changed. Count me in!

Here’s a thought.  If you’re thinking it would be nice to have a new phone but at the same time thinking the one you have is doing a good job, why not just buy a new case?  Treat yourself to one for $20-$40.  It will have a whole new look and you just saved yourself lot’s of money, and the headache of setting up a new phone! 

So you purchase a new case, your phone has a brand new look, now here’s a few Hints to maximize your phone's efficiency!