A few months ago I signed up for a Facebook account and gave it a try.  That try lasted only 24 hours because what I experienced with limited friends was very trivial.

After reading on the net how popular Facebook is and that possibly it could replace email in the near future, I thought maybe I missed something. 
So, I reactivated my account, added more friends, and gave it another try.  After a couple of weeks I still was amazed at the trivialality of the whole experience.  People making comments like "I just finished a bowl of potato soup," or "I just fed my cat."  Maybe it's my age, but I'm just not enthused about the whole thing.  It's like everyone is back in the third grade again.

I do enjoy the photos that friends post or something important that they might say, but "I just fed my cat?"

I don't find the interface to be that user friendly, and I don't like people pestering you to "be your friend" when maybe you don't want their chatter on your page.

I'll stick with it longer this time though, but I just won't check in every minute like some people do.

Tantrums, and Apologies......

Have you noticed lately all the outbursts, temper tantrums, and hostility in our society? Political name calling and fist shaking, celebrity fiascoes, sporting event fighting, and of course violent crime. The funny thing about a lot of these outbursts is that we are getting almost instant apologies. So what's triggering all this?

In my opinion I think it's the unrest of our Country. The average American is feeling frustrated. As much as I love technology I believe that it is partly to blame because information dissemination happens instantly and sometimes it manifests itself into overload.

I have found that shutting off the TV for a day or two helps. We do a lot of camping in our RV, and that helps to get away and just relax and I find that having faith in God is very soothing.

What's your opinion?  I have recently added the ability for you to comment on postings.

An Illinois Reader Answers my last Post.

I found your pruning analogy very interesting, but honestly feel it's too late. I believe the reason for all the dead branches is an infestation that is so pervasive that it will eventually kill all the trees.

If we don't do something now we will loose the whole forest. My feeling is that we set the the whole forest on fire; burn them all down without discrimination, Oak, Maple, Elm or Pine. They have been there too long and many are so rotten to the core they have no chance of growth.

Now all we have to do is replant to our specifications, only planting trees that are able to flourish in the light of day!

Good point of view, and a forest fire is just what might happen if things don't shape up!

Pruning the Waste.....

Last week we camped in the beautiful Coconino National Forest in the incredible state of Arizona. This forest consists of almost 2 million acres of wilderness, mountains, lakes, and streams. Our campsite was "out of the way," rather private, and not known by many who frequent that particular area.

On our first day there, while sipping a cup of coffee, I noticed that all the pine trees had lots of dead limbs. (First photo) Since we were there a couple days ahead of our friends, I decided to start trimming. Before I knew it I had cleaned up 43 trees in the immediate area. Suddenly our campsite had a new clean look (Second photo) and it felt good.

The next day I decided to trim the trees up the narrow dirt road that led to our campsite, and in the end the count was 152 clean looking pine trees. I was exhausted with sore muscles, but proud of the accomplishment. It was a small achievement, but it made a difference.

Now, and I mean now, the same thing must be done to our Country. We must prune the dead branches! We must prune mad spending; we must prune mad people in Congress who are advocating mad spending! America is waking up and it's not about politics anymore. It's not about Democrats or Republicans. It's not about race or religion, it's about you and me, the people of America who want our Country back, and YOU can make a difference.

Speak up and be bold. Ask your elected Senators and Congressmen "Are you doing the right thing?

There is going to be big changes in the coming weeks; you just watch the branches fall! America needs a clean look again because we are a proud people and if you don't want to do it NOW Congress, then you'll get pruned in the 2010 election. Don't let the current situation snowball any further.

I'm not saying these things in hatred, I'm just standing up with millions of others who are thinking the same thing. I've never in my life been so concerned about our future as I am today.

Will you stand up? Will you help prune the waste? Will you pray for America?