A few months ago I signed up for a Facebook account and gave it a try.  That try lasted only 24 hours because what I experienced with limited friends was very trivial.

After reading on the net how popular Facebook is and that possibly it could replace email in the near future, I thought maybe I missed something. 
So, I reactivated my account, added more friends, and gave it another try.  After a couple of weeks I still was amazed at the trivialality of the whole experience.  People making comments like "I just finished a bowl of potato soup," or "I just fed my cat."  Maybe it's my age, but I'm just not enthused about the whole thing.  It's like everyone is back in the third grade again.

I do enjoy the photos that friends post or something important that they might say, but "I just fed my cat?"

I don't find the interface to be that user friendly, and I don't like people pestering you to "be your friend" when maybe you don't want their chatter on your page.

I'll stick with it longer this time though, but I just won't check in every minute like some people do.