A Very Cool Gadget for iPhone Lovers


For people who love taking photos, the iPhone does a great job, especially the 4S and the iPhone 5.  With future models the camera will get better and better!

There are a lot of useful iPhone apps which let you edit your photos before sending them in an email, message, Facebook, or other Internet sites

Those software apps are used after taking the shot, but how about something that will improve that picture before clicking the shutter button? 

That’s where the olloclip comes into action. This gadget slides on to your iPhone, and features a fisheye, wide angle, and macro lens.  It works great for stills and video and is inexpensive.  It comes in black,  white, red, and is available in most stores and their Internet site. 

To give you an example of the fun you can have with this combo lens, here’s a shot of the inside of our camper using the fisheye.

Camper-Fish Eye






Does the macro lens work? To try it out I took my iPhone to the back yard and shot this within a half an inch of a bottle brush flower. Pretty nifty for the first try!

Macro Bottle Brush
Check out their website and watch the video on how it works. If you love taking iPhone photos and videos, you’ll love the “olloclip!”

Another iPhone camera feature that people either don’t know about or forget to use is the panorama mode.  Turn on the camera and touch “Options” then touch “Panorama.”  Hold your iPhone in the vertical position and point it where you want to start. Push the camera icon and follow the arrow to the right.  Here’s an example of a shot I took in this mode while camping in the mountains.

Pano 1024
(Click on photos for larger view.)  Remember your birth certificate proves that you were born, your death certificate proves that you died, and your photos prove that you lived!