A Time to Reflect

Snow at Oak CreekDecember is a month when we mentally review the past year.  What were the highlights?  What did I accomplish?  Am I just existing?  Am I really happy?  Take stock of these questions, evaluate, then decide that 2012 will be the best year of your life! 

Don't be ordinary anymore, think "out of the box."  Look for new adventures, new people to meet, new places to go.  Start living with passion and purpose.

Visualize your new life and create the world you want to surround you.  Wake up in the morning with only positive thoughts and thank God for your health and wealth!  You might say "I'm not wealthy."  Oh but you are!  If you have 2 dollars in your pocket, something to eat in the refrigerator, and a roof over your head, you are wealthier than 95 percent of the world!  Celebrate your life now, give yourself a pat on the back and move forward with conviction!  Life is what YOU make it and no one can tarnish your vision unless you let them.

moneyMost people think that more money will make them happy.  But the question is how much money? There have been countless number of people who have won the lottery.  They purchased the mansion, the fancy car, and all the toys, but most of them are totally broke today and living in misery.  There are countless examples of people who have or had it all and they are not happy.  A host of people idolize Hollywood, but look at the life these people lead.  Adultery, divorce, alcohol, drugs, pornography, are the masters of their lives. When you can buy anything with the snap of a finger, what do you look forward to when you wake up in the morning?

Smiley 3So let's, you and I, make a deal right now.  Let's be happy and grateful for what we have. Let not money be our God.  Starting today we will "Live with passion, in a constant state of joy, and with an Attitude of Gratitude!"  Watch this two minute video to celebrate you.  After that if you're feeling pumped up, then watch this one to remind you to appreciate and be grateful for TODAY!  Be sure to watch all videos in the highest resolution, full screen, and volume turned up.  If the video is jerky, then lower the resolution.