More About America

What is the future of our Country?   Hatred, violence, road rage, the  list of negatives is endless, and a government that’s completely out of control!  Protestors are protesting everything.  Join the crowd, carry a sign and yell profanity. Let’s throw rocks, destroy property, because we want everything for free! That seems to be the norm.  Every day since Donald Trump has been in office, the media has had a frenzy over Russian collusion.  Stop it already!

The Government has been shut down because of the horrific number of people entering America illegally.  This isn't the first time for a shutdown as this has happened before under other administrations. When is Congress going to stop fighting like cats and dogs and get something accomplished?  We elected them to be responsible, ethical, disciplined, and to represent the American people, but that's not happening.  Today's Congress should be ashamed for acting like a bunch of pre-schoolers!  Certain people in Congress are bringing America down and individual citizens feel that don’t have a voice.

Now here’s the latest fiasco.  New York has passed a law that a full term pregnancy can be aborted!  If you were born at 5:05 am they can kill you at 5:04 am.  This is pure craziness, and it’s murder!  New York does not allow the death penalty but it’s okay to kill babies.  Remember a man named Adolf Hitler?

College professors today are brainwashing our young people with the ideology of socialism.  They are graduating and then turning against their parents and the rest of us who have been engrained all our lives with conservatism and free enterprise.

May I quote something that I read on social media.  “All across America a quiet rage is building against the assault upon American values.  More so than ever in the history of America, the concerns and patience of its people are being tested, tried, and attacked by a group of elitists that are hell-bent on the destruction of this Country.  REFUSE TO REMAIN SILENT!”

Your Cell Phone

Can you refrain from texting while driving?  Or how about in church, during a meal at home or in a restaurant?  It's a fact that more people today are killed, or severely injured, by driving while intexticated than while intoxicated!  Currently 47 States have "No texting while driving" laws but that doesn't seem to stop most people.  No text is worth a funeral!   Are you one of those souls that your cell phone is chained to your hand 24/7?  If so, it is highly suggested by psychologists that you spend more time in the real world than in the cyber world.  When you spend more time on your phone than conversing with friends, you're telling them that whoever you're texting is more important than who you're with. Technology is wonderful, but we must not become a society of zombies!