Tech Tips

Here are the instructions for paragraph one of the previous entry.

1. Run CCleaner each time you use your computer.
· Double Click the Red C on the desktop.
· Click "Run Cleaner" in the right lower corner.
· When finished, Click the Red X, top right.

2. Run Malwarebytes every two weeks.
· Double Click Malwarebytes on the desktop.
· When asked "Do you want to ......." Click Yes.
· Click Update on the right.
· After update click the blue "Scan Now"
  When finished scanning if it found nothing then
  close the program. If it found objects make sure
  all are checked, then Remove.

3. Run Disk Defrag once a month.
· Double Click Disk Defrag on the desktop.
· Make sure C: Drive is highlighted.
· Click "Optimize" Button, Lower right corner.
  Follow directions when finished