A Great Vacation!

Let's see, from the 14th until the 28th. I think I've skipped a few days. We're back in Phoenix now, but really had a wonderful time for the 32 days we spent "On the Road."

The last two weeks of our trip we were camped at Scott County Park, just north of Davenport, Iowa. One morning we woke up early to find the area covered with fog, so off we went to take some pictures. This is a small lake in the park and it was most beautiful at sunrise.

Outside of a couple of rainy days here, the whole trip presented itself with sunshine. It was a great time of the year to travel as most people were finished with their vacations and the kids were all in school.

Another benefit was that fuel prices were down considerably since the summer months. We must have stopped at 20 to 30 Love's stations across the country. They were much easier to navigate with the RV than other stations and their prices were usually lower.

I have added some pictures to my Photo Galleries from the vacation and will be adding more as time permits for editing.

Thanks for your visit....Blessings.