Good Times in the Quad Cities

We are seeing lots of friends, some of them that we haven't seen in years. The weather is great with temps in the 70s and cool enough at night to have the heat on in the RV.

We had delightful lunch yesterday at a winery in Colona, Illinois, a short drive from our campsite across the Mississippi river in Iowa.

Years ago, before my flying career, I owned a business in Davenport, Stanley Engineering Co. Somehow someone got a brass sign off of the building, kept it all these years and delivered it to our campsite yesterday while we were gone. When we arrived it was sitting on the table outside the RV, and it was quite a thrill! We have yet to find out who the mystery person is.

Today we were visited by my cousin, Lance Frye and he brought his son Keaton with him who is attending Augustana College in Rock Island. He's a tall good looking basketball player who is currently up for Cosmopolitan Magazine's "Bachelor of the Year." They flew him to New York for a photo shoot and you can see him and vote for him here. He is Mr. Iowa. I posted this picture that I took of him today in my "Friends & Family" gallery.

David and Paula were out the other night and presented us with a video production that he made of our European vacation last October. We watched it in full stereo in the RV. Very cool and a very nice gift! Sure nice to have talented friends.

We sure are enjoying this gypsy life and our new rig. Who knows, the way we are losing money in the stock market, this may be our new home!

Life is good.