The Weekend of Oct 10th

I can't believe how many people we have seen and how much fun we are having! Saturday it was up at the crack of dawn, headed into Davenport, picked up our friends Pete and Ronelle who had VIP tickets for us to attend the McCain Rally. It's one thing to see one of those shindigs on TV but another to be there in person. A very enthusiastic crowd was on hand to meet John. I can call him John now, but not long from now it will be "Mr. President."

It was neat to see him in person and to see how well the advance people can organize a rally. We waited around for a while to see his bus leave.

From there we had a large pizza for lunch and then Di and I went to my cousin's house for a relaxing afternoon. Then to church with David and Paula and out for a fantastic dinner.

If you are live in the Quad Cities and are reading this and haven't been to Graze you need to make a visit! Outstanding food. I'm now wondering if we will ever get back to Phoenix as we will be overloaded because I'm now 500 pounds!

Today it was church again this morning with my daughter Lisa, husband David, Hannah, and Emma. I took a picture of Lisa and kids during breakfast and they are the last three in my portrait gallery.

Kenny and Sharon just pulled up in their motor home and will park next to us for the next four nights. We will head back to Phoenix on Monday the 20th. Meeting more friends this week, and might even find time just to relax.

Life is good....