My Passion for Studios

All of my adult life I have wanted a technology studio in my home. In my first house in Davenport, Iowa I built one in the basement and it was pretty primitive. That was before personal computers so it consisted of music. In my second home in Davenport I built a recording studio. During the time we spent there I was on the radio and loved music. This is a photo of my third studio which consisted of music, video editing, and computers which was in Moline, Illiniois. I was very proud of that room. We had some great memories of karaoke parties where I would pass out several microphones and everyone would sing. (We sounded like real stars after a couple of drinks!)

I've actually had six tech rooms and this is a photo of one in our second house in Phoenix. We loved this home as it was beautiful and on the golf course, but we were only there a couple of years because we had more golf balls in the back yard than a driving range. Everyday was like an Easter egg hunt so we moved, but I loved that room!

This is my "Man Cave" in our present residence. It's not as complicated as the first photo, but you can do everything now with computers. Everyone who visits the studio asks "Why so many monitors?" Actually I use three in my everyday computing. The one on the left is Diane's, the 5th one is a TV and the 6th one is used to work on client's computers. Spending as much time as I do computing, I've often thought how I ever got along with just one screen. (Click on photos for larger view.)