Air Force One

Being a retired jet pilot, I love to talk about airplanes. But let's narrow this conversation down to just one airplane in particular, Air Force One. Today our Nation is deeper in dept than at any time in our history. People are loosing their jobs, their pensions, their 401ks, and their homes.

I'm very interested in learning how our President is using Air Force One for all his little adventures, like flying to Las Vegas and Los Angeles to party with Democrats, flying to Hollywood to be on the Tonight Show, and using this giant aircraft for a low level photo shoot over New York! AF1 costs approximately $100,000 per hour and that photo session cost the taxpayers a whopping $330,000! If you want a picture of your Presidential Aircraft flying over New York Mr. President, give me the assignment and I'll do it without ever leaving my studio, and I'll give it to you for free!

How in good conscience, can you and your wife fly to New York on Friday May 29th for dinner and a play, at tax payers expense, when our country is going down the tubes? You promised we were in for change, and now I believe it.