Hope and Change

Even people who voted for Obama are finally sitting up and taking notice of all the horrific things that are taking place in our Government.  It didn't take long for America to realize that the "Hope and Change" that Obama kept talking about in his campaign was change in a totally wrong direction!

This whole mess is not about Democrats, Republicans, black or white.  It's about America, "The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave."

We the people are fed up with secret closed door meetings, crazy deficit spending, structured press conferences, pay-offs, bail-outs, high unemployment, and the list goes on and on.

Certain people in Congress and in the White House act like they are above the law.  They have been trying to pass a phony health care bill for a year now and we keep saying no.

Listen up Washington, you seem to forget that we elected you to represent us.  If you don't want to represent us then we will send you home.  We did it in Virginia, we did it in New Jersey, and we did it in Massachusetts.  I personally am so disgusted with the political scene that I'm changing my affiliation to Independent.

You want change?  You are going to see a big change November 2nd!  This video represent my views.