“They Come to America”

“They Come to America” is an independent film produced by Dennis Michael Lynch about the problem of illegal immigration. I purchased a copy of the film and have shown it many times to many different groups, and will continue to do so in the coming months.

Dennis LynchDennis has been an entrepreneur from an early age. In the last few years he became interested in becoming a film producer and made his first film with many well known Hollywood stars. While making this movie he accidentally became aware of the magnitude  of illegal immigration. The first movie has been shelved and he put his whole heart into “They Come to America.”

A quote from his web site: “Truth is, before making this film I never gave a single thought to illegal immigration. And yet, for some crazy reason, I went as far as risking my life to produce a non-partisan documentary about the hottest political topic in America.  What's even crazier is why so many people don't want you to see my film.” 

Please take the time to visit his website view the trailer of the film, click on other videos, read his bio and maybe you’ll want to purchase a copy to show your friends.

America has always welcomed people of all Countries and will continue to do so, but our Nation cannot sustain the millions who are crossing our borders illegally!