Skin Cancer Check-Up

Dr. James

This is my Dermatologist, Dr. James Pehoushek, part of the team at the Allergy & Dermatology Specialists” in Phoenix.

I feel very fortunate to have been referred to him when I developed sun spots on my arms.  One out of every six spots can be cancerous so it’s critical to have these removed by an easy freeze procedure.

On my second visit I had a suspicious spot just below my left eye and a biopsy was performed that was diagnosed as Basal Cell Carcinoma.  This is a type of skin cancer which was removed by a simple surgery called the Mohs procedure.

I now return to see Dr. Pehoushek every six months which I did today and the visit prompted me to write about it in this Blog.  In all my years I have never met a doctor with such a pleasing personality.  He is all smiles and a real pleasure to be around! 

If you live in Phoenix this is your man to keep you healthy with any skin or allergy problems.

You can watch a short video of him working with a patient with sun spots and a biopsy procedure such as I experienced.

I now look forward to my semi-annual visits, just to be a part of his enthusiasm for life!