Photos Create Joy!

Your Birth Certificate proves that you were born.  Your Death Certificate proves that you died and your photos prove that you lived! 

Some people have traveled from the womb to the tomb without ever taking a photograph, and to me that’s rather sad.  Photos tell stories,  create joy and bring back memories!

In this digital world 85% of people today are taking pictures with their cell phones.  Technology has brought smart phone cameras to the center stage and has meant a drastic decline in pocket camera sales.  Facebook alone uploads 350 million photos per day.  The world of photography has exploded!

Technology not only has improved cameras of all types but has provided editing capabilities to turn a person like me into a “Photo Artist.”

One company in particular, Topaz Labs have provided filters, to be used in conjunction with a photo editor, that can provide dazzling results.  Here’s their website:

Park Ave Original GRS

Here’s an example:  I took this shot several years ago of “Park Avenue” in Arches National Park.  Click on it for a larger view to appreciate its beauty.  This is located in Moab, Utah and is worth a visit from  anywhere!

Now with some help from Topaz Filters let’s play with this photo and come up with something completely different.  Same photo but with a different twist.  The thing about altering a photo is the possibilities are virtually endless. 

Park Ave GRS

This is the result of the editing and it has re-birthed into a piece of art.  The exciting thing about this is that someone like myself can do this in 15 minutes whereas an artist might take 15 hours to paint it.

I would encourage you to take lots of photos!  The more pictures you take the more you will enjoy the beauty that constantly surrounds you.  The more beauty that you enjoy, the richer your life will be.

Photos create Joy, tell a story, and bring back memories!  Long after you and I are gone our photos will be remembered…………………….