Are You Protected?

This is really a leading question as it could pertain to a number of things in our lives, right?  I believe one of the biggest things where protection is needed is your computer and your cell phone. Protection means backing up your files which includes documents, music, photos, and your contacts.

If your cell phone or computer quits and these things are not backed up, they are lost forever!  This may be one of those things you think won’t happen, only to someone else. It’s kind of like never wearing your seat belt because you think you’ll never have an accident.

My PassportSo if you are not doing it, this is my strong advice.  Purchase a portable external hard drive.  My recommendation is the Western Digital “My Passport,” because it has the best auto back-up software. A 1TB drive will be more than enough for most people and will cost about $69.00.  This is a very inexpensive investment for the security of your digital files!

Simply plug it into a USB port, and do a one time software set up.  Now, when it’s plugged in, it will continually monitor anything that you save and instantly copy it to the drive.  Now you have two copies of all your files and when you computer or laptop fails you have your digital life saved!

Your cell phone back-up is different.  If you’re using an Android phone, simply plug it into a USB port on your laptop or desktop.  Now find the files you want to copy and paste them onto your external drive.

If you’re using an iPhone plug it into a USB port on your desktop or laptop and the back-up is accomplished using iTunes.

If you’re unfamiliar with the above procedures ask a friend who has this knowledge to help you.

We are living in a “Lost Generation of Photos” because everyone is taking pictures with their smartphones.  Because they are not backing up those photos, when a failure occurs the photos are lost!

Remember your photos are what you pass along for future generations to enjoy, so take lots and back them up!