Samsung or Apple?

Those who know me, know that I'm a photo & technology nut.

In June I was eligible for a new smartphone and I thought I'd be at Verizon when they opened the doors because I was counting the days. But, I've decided to practice some patience and wait until September.

That's when the new iPhone will be released. They will call it the 6S or the iPhone 7. Samsung's usual release is in March, but to rival Apple they too are rumored to unveil the new Galaxy S7 in September.

I've had both phones and my decision in 90 days will be who has the best camera. From what I've researched thus far it just might be the iPhone but it's still early in the game.

Galaxy 6

iPhone 6

So, who will be the winner this fall?  For me the camera is very important, for you it may be other specifications.

There is no perfect anything, but either Samsung or Apple will have the edge!

Actually, I’m not alone in practicing some patience.  A lot of people are satisfied with their present phone and are not so apt to run out and spend the bucks just because a newer model is released.  The marketing hype has worn off, and furthermore free operating system upgrades account for most of the big changes!

Some people get excited about megapixels.  The present iPhone, for example, features a camera with 8 MB and it’s rumored that the 6S will have 12MP.  One must keep in mind that megapixels have nothing to do with photo quality, only the size of prints. 8MB will comfortably print a 16x20, and besides how many people print photos from their phones?

Here are some thoughts about this subject from CNET.