JoyThe world today involves a lot of negativity, hostility, and violence, but we don’t have to be involved in this thinking!  As an individual we can build our lives with positive thoughts and actions!

Joy can and should be an integral part of our lives.  Joy manifests itself in many ways both external and internal.  Joy is experienced by having a fruitful relationship with your spouse, your children, grandchildren, and your circle of friends.  Joy is heightened with positive and wonderful experiences.

Internally Joy is a feeling, felt deep in your mind, heart, and soul. Joy is felt with a personal relationship with God!  When experiencing Joy, the mind transmits endorphins to your body, giving you a feeling of euphoria!

Joy is experienced when we maintain a positive attitude!  Joy is experienced when we give and share with others.  Joy is experienced when we create, and always being aware of taking the “Next Step.”

What will you create today, and what is your “Next Step!”