The Joys of Living

We live everyday and we should live today to the fullest because it will never come around again!  Living, naturally has it’s ups and downs, its heartaches, sorrows, disappointments, but mostly living day to day has all kinds of positive and exciting experiences.  It’s all what we make it.  Attitude is everything.  Negative attitude, negative results, positive attitude, positive results!

Dream big, use your imagination to build and create a beautiful life.  Albert Einstein once was quoted as saying, “Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Some of the quotes I have enjoyed over the years are:  “Build an image of the world you want to live in.”  “Energy flows where attention goes.”  “Inner happiness is the fuel of success.”  And Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or cannot; either way your are right!”

Another saying that I have loved over the years is quoted from Pastor Robert Schuller.  “Inch by inch, anything’s a cinch!”  Isn’t that great?  I’ve said that hundreds of times when faced with a rather difficult project!

Think how our lives would change if each day we woke up and thought “Something good is going to happen to me today!”  Life can be what you want it to be!

Recently I was standing in the sports department of a local store.  Next to me was a young man and his father.  The teenager was asking Dad to buy him a tennis racket and explained that his desire was to be on the high school tennis team.  I was utterly shocked at Dad’s answer!  He said “No, I’m not buying you a racket, you could never be good enough to make any team!”  Wow, what a confidence booster!  Can you imagine how you would feel?  That’s a tough recovery and a scar was left on that young man.

Regardless of scars, we can overcome defeats and disappointments.  You’ve heard hundreds of stories of people who overcame negative situations to become happy and successful!  I think of someone like Lee Trevino who grew up in Mexico in poverty conditions, never had a pair of shoes on his feet until he was twelve, and became one of the most liked and well known names in the world of golf!  He loved people, talked to everyone in tournaments, always had a smile on his face and joked all the time.  Did he have a great attitude?  You bet he did!

Don’t forget how powerful a smile is!  When you smile at someone, it’s almost impossible that you won’t get a smile in return.  I’ve made it a habit when I drive through McDonald’s or face a clerk in any store, to smile and tell them that they are awesome!  You’ve made their day, and of course you feel better too!

Remember, you are what you think about, and you become what you think about!  You’re the Captain of your ship, you determine your happiness, you determine your future!

I think one of the secrets of life is the art of being grateful.  Most people are always wanting more, a bigger house, a newer car, a better job, a different spouse, more money and on and on. Instead of thinking that way, think about all the things that you do have.  Be grateful!  When you’re grateful, you’ll live a richer and fuller life!

Don’t worry about things you can’t change.  It’s a fact that over 90% of things people worry about never happen!  Control things that stress you.  Stress causes sickness.  Keep that brain filled with positive thoughts and your body will be healthy!

Most people believe that there is something greater than themselves. I admit that church used to be boring!  Pomp and circumstance and listening to a preacher that constantly told you that you were a sinner.  That’s really not what we want to hear.  We want to hear that we are good and we are loved.  We want to leave a church service feeling uplifted and inspired! 

There are some incredible churches today throughout America.  You might like to find one, and you just might say, “Gosh look what I’ve been missing out on!”  If you live in a small town with a boring church, watch or listen to a good service on TV or radio.  If you live in the Phoenix area one of the best churches in the USA is CCV.  (Christ’s Church of the Valley)  It’s a non-denominational bible based church with many campuses in the area.  Visit one this weekend, Saturday or Sunday.  You can even watch online. It just may change you life.  Here’s their website.

“Live life with passion, in a constant state of joy, and with an attitude of gratitude!”