A Hot Cell Phone Tip!

Broken iPhoneThis is something that will make your heart sink, when you drop your phone and it looks like this!  You’re lucky however if you have insurance with your carrier as it can be fixed.  But are you lucky?  I have been paying a monthly insurance fee of $22 per month for two phones.  That’s $264 per year.  I never read the fine print and just found out that you’ll pay a $200 deductible to get it fixed.  If a year has gone by you’re really paying $464, and if two years has elapsed you’re paying $728 to get it fixed!

So here’s what took place when this recently happened to one of our phones.  I woke up and realized there are cell phone fixit places all over.   So I took this terrible looking thing, that looked like it was doomed forever, to one of those places and had the LCD and the screen replaced for $99!  For those living in Phoenix, I highly recommend the “Talk N Fix” kiosk right next to the Apple store in the Arrowhead Mall.  I couldn’t believe the guy had it totally repaired in 10 minutes, and it looks and works like new!

Consequently I called Verizon and cancelled the $22 per month charge for insurance coverage.  There is one drawback however to not having insurance and that is theft or loss of your phone.  Since I’ve never lost anything important in my life it’s worth that risk for all the money saved.  Also you have a good chance of getting your phone back, if lost or stolen, with the “Find my Phone” app.

So, just passing this along in hopes it will help you save money, and we all want to do that!