I wish I had a Giant Megaphone!

MegaphoneI wish I had a giant megaphone so I could loudly announce to everyone who owns a computer this warning.

If you ever see a message on your desktop or laptop stating that you have a dangerous virus and telling you to call an 800 number for the fix, don’t do it.  THIS IS A SCAM.  DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER!  Simply re-boot your machine and get on with your life.

Another scam that is prevalent today is getting a phone call.  The person will say he’s from Microsoft and
that you have a dangerous virus on your computer.  He’ll give you a real “snow job” in an effort to scare you and will ask for permission to get into your computer by installing a small snoop program.  Soon he will inform you that he has found the problem and for a fee he will fix it.  You give him your credit card and now you’ve been had!

In both cases the criminal’s object is to get your credit card number.  Once they do it’s a wild spending spree with your money!