Hints & Tips for Everyday Life

We are living in an age of “High Tech!”  Computers, laptops, smart phones, smart watches, smart
homes, smart cars, and the list goes on.  With all this wonderful technology sometimes it can be a
little frustrating as problems present themselves.

I’ll pass along some hints and tips to help you keep your life running with a little less stress!

Computers have been around for years but we still have problems keeping them from hiccupping!

  • Download & install the free version of CCleaner.  https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download
    Run this program everyday to delete unused and no longer needed files.  Just click “Run Cleaner”
    in  the lower right corner.  It will find these files and delete them automatically, then close the program.  It is suggested to uncheck “Cookies” before you run the program.

  • Download & install the free version of Malwarebytes.  https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/ This program searches for Malware and Spyware that can infect your machine.  This stuff is “picked up” by visiting certain web sites. After installing and opening the app, click on Settings, then My Account, and click on “Deactivate Premium Trial” then click OK.  Now click on the scan button. Hibernate any files that it finds.  Do this every two weeks, or more often, if you have the free version.  The paid version gives you 24/7 protection and warns you immediately if you visited a harmful web site.

  • Defragment the C: drive once a month.  Desktops can be set to run automatically once a month, but your computer must be on at that time.  Laptops must be defragmented manually.  This operation is a must! A lot of people are not even aware of it and it is the biggest reason why computers run very slow.

  • If nothing happens when you open your browser to get on the Internet, unplug your modem and router, wait 30 seconds, then plug them back in.  Wait 1 minute, then try again.  If you’re still having problems call your tech person, or your ISP provider.

  • Back up you email contacts, pictures, and documents to an external device, such as a pocket drive or external hard drive.  If you don’t do this and your computer crashes all will be lost!

  • If you see a message on your screen that says you have a virus and to call an 800 number, DON’T DO IT, because this is a scam.  Simply X out and reboot your computer.

  • If someone calls on the phone and says he’s from Microsoft and that you have a dangerous virus, HANG UP, THIS IS ALSO A SCAM!  If you continue the conversation he will talk you into letting him in your computer.  He’ll tell you that he’s looking for the solution, but what’s really happening is your personal information is being stolen!  Then you’ll be asked for your credit card so he can fix your supposed dangerous virus.  Now you’ve been had! 

  • Don’t let anyone take remote control of your computer over the telephone!

  • If you don’t recognize a person’s name in an email, don’t open it, just delete it!

  • Be careful what you post on social media and beware of ads on Facebook some ads are scams.

  • The Internet sees and records everywhere you go and everything you click on, so use discretion, and stay away from nasty stuff!

  • If you are purchasing a product on the Internet be sure the web address begins with https.  The “s” means it is a secure site.

Smartphones have been around for a few years now, are getting more sophisticated by the day, and
most of us can’t live without them!

  • Think twice about purchasing insurance for your phone.  If you drop it and break the glass most insurance have a $200 deductible. There are many places that will replace the glass and other damage for only $99.  (See “A Hot Cell Phone Tip” in my Blog post below.)

  • Use a protective case on your phone.

  • Most people have hundreds, perhaps thousands of photos on their phone and if your phone crashes, there goes all your photos and personal data.  Use a back up method!  If you don’t know how, ask your carrier for help.

  • All phone apps are not created equal.  Use caution in downloading apps as some can be scams.

  • Use caution about giving out your cell phone number!  Social media will try to entice you in giving them your number for reason of increased security.  Not a good idea!  Keep in mind that Microsoft, Google, and Facebook want to know everything  about you!

  • DON’T TEXT & DRIVE!  Is texting while driving worth a trip to the morgue? Thousands are losing their lives or being seriously injured because of their cell phone addiction. That text or a visit to Facebook can wait until you are parked!  Listen up…If you’re driving at 70mph and look at your phone for only 5 seconds, it is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field blindfolded! 

General Tips:  In addition to the things we’ve discussed, a person must be constantly diligent
regarding personal safety every day.

  • Personal safety means protecting yourself from “Identity Theft.”  It’s better to use a credit card rather than a debit card.  Fraudulent use of a credit card can be easily be rectified by your bank, as fraudulent use of a debit card can wipe your account dry and take much longer to get settled.

  • Don’t advertise on social media that you are on vacation unless you have a good home security system, as thieves monitor these conversations.  It’s better to talk about your vacation when you get back home.

  • Be at home and watch closely for packages to be delivered as thieves will follow delivery trucks.  This is especially true during holidays.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.  Women are more vulnerable than men.  When leaving a store or the mall be aware when walking to your car.  If you see a man sitting in a truck or car next to where you’re parked use caution or return to the store.  Use caution when returning home after dark.

  • Tailgating while driving seems to be prevalent in our society.  For most people it is very aggravating to look in the rearview mirror and see someone right on your bumper.  Refrain from hitting the brake or using some kind of gesture because of “road rage.”  Let the moron go around!

I hope these “Tips and Hints” will make your life a little more comfortable.  Enjoy this day!