MSNBC Photo Contest

Last week MSNBC announced that they were going to have a travel photo contest, so I entered one of my favorite photos of the Grand Canyon.

I sent out an email to lots of friends today asking them that if they thought it had merit, would they consider voting for it.
There are some beautiful pictures posted there so it would be an honor just to be in the top ten.

This is the web site where you can click on the photo to vote or to see how we stand. The contest has been narrowed down to 40 entries.

The photo was taken last year. Diane and I camped out at the Canyon, got up at 4 am and made our way to this spot, which is called "Moran Point." We sat on the rock in the foreground in darkness, then watched as the sun came up behind us. What a breathtaking site it was at 6 am when it was shot. Thanks for your vote!