Have you heard of “Wordle?”


I recently found a site on the Internet where you can use your imagination to create some cool graphics.

I created this one to use as the opening page in Power Point for my Photo Seminars. 

First thing to do is to open Word or Word Pad and type in some words that go along with the theme you want to use.  If you repeat words they will have stronger emphasis.  Copy those words that you created and paste them into the space provided in Wordle.  The reason for creating your words externally is so you have a back-up and don’t have to start all over again if you make a mistake in Wordle.

Click the “Randomize Button” until you find an arrangement that you like.  You will find provisions to change the font, layout, and color, at the top of the page.  When finished I do a “Print Screen” and paste it into my photo editor for any further enhancement such as adding the camera in the corner.

This is a free service and the site is  http://www.wordle.net/